Alexis6A white Winter princess to chase the cold away….Meet Alexis who is available on eBay in an auction setting. I make one of these lovely bears each year in January or February, using up a great portion of my coveted vintage rhinestone jewelry collection.

Registration is open for the Quinlan Doll and Teddy Bear Convention, see show link for details/link to their site.

JUST IN TIME FOR THE NEW YEAR! Silly Bears is offering a beautiful calendar of Artist Bears for only £10 and free shipping. Please visit Silly Bears to purchase.

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My hiatus in preparing for my UK trip and the time there has greatly inspired my art as well as bought me valuable time for healing my hands/arms so that I could take on my massive grizzly designs as well as other new patterns I was aspiring to create.

Should you like to be notified of new bears to be listed, please join my private mailing list by emailing me to let me know:  michelle@oneandonlybears.com